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Introducing Defla.Finance (xDEFL) and DeflaSwap

 Abstract This  xDefl paper describe the idea behind xDEFL Core Contract, It explain the contracts feature's include: Defla.Finance DeflaSwap xDEFL Token Token Supply Governance Airdrop Token Distribution Defla.Finance The Defla.Finance has been forked from sushiswap and sakeswap, (Sushiswap + Sakeswap = DeflaSwap) and implement some improvement in the codebase. DeflaSwap The DeflaSwap is just a fork of Uniswap with no any improvements. xDEFL Token The xDEFL Token currently has two function's, xDEFL Hodler's gain access to governance right & portion of the fees paid to the protocol. xDEFL Hodler's will own the protocol. The token will let Liquidity Provider's (LP) to earn the benefit of protocol development. Token Supply Unlike some Defi Token that has infinite supply, xDEFL have a total supply of 100,000 xDEFL, this amount will avoid dilution & maintain the token price. Governance  In xDefl Governance anyone that's hodling 500 xDEFL delegated to his